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The immune system plays a significant role in the fight against cancer. However, as tumors grow they suppress the immune system and harness certain immune cell types to promote their own growth and spread. Cancer immunotherapy is one of the newest and most promising fields in cancer research and involves stimulating the patient’s immune response against their cancer by turning off these suppressive pathways.  Cancer immunotherapy offers the potential to dramatically improve cancer treatments for millions of people. 

ME Therapeutics has taken a novel approach to cancer immunotherapy. Using our combined expertise in tumour immunology, T cell biology and myeloid cell development, we are developing biological and small molecule drugs to target novel pathways involved in cancer-induced immune suppression. Our therapies have the potential to work on their own and in combination with other cancer immunotherapies across several cancer types.



Myeloid Enhancement (ME) Therapeutics

Myeloid cells are a class of immune cells with a common progenitor. These cells include granulocytes, monocytes, dendritic cells (DC), basophils, eosinophils, erythrocytes, and platelets.

Myeloid cells play a significant role in the combat of infection however, these same cells are particularly used by cancer to promote its own growth and escape the immune response. ME Therapeutics is focused on developing treatments that can reverse the cancer supporting function of myeloid cells and most importantly, allow myeloid cells to perform their natural anti-cancer activities.

Targeting a dominant player in immune suppression

ME Therapeutics has developed novel high affinity antibody based therapies targeting a well-studied yet underappreciated protein that promotes the growth of cancer supporting myeloid derived suppressor cell (MDSC) at the expense of cancer fighting DCs. Blocking this protein reduces the development of MDSCs and promotes the development of a critical population of DCs that plays a key role in orchestrating anti-cancer immune responses. This target protein is produced by several cancer types including breast, ovary, lung, colon, and brain creating a large treatable patient population. ME Therapeutics has filed a provisional patent for our antibodies across all cancer indications.

Promoting stronger anti-cancer T cell responses

Cytotoxic T cells (CTLs) are the body’s natural defense against cancer. However, these cells do not work in isolation, they require functional dendritic cells to promote their expansion and activation, and they are highly susceptible to suppression by myeloid cells such as MDSCs.

ME Therapeutics has completed a small molecule screening program focused on the discovery of drugs which can reverse the effects cancer cells have on dendritic cell development. Our lead drug candidates are currently undergoing further preclinical testing. In addition, we have developed a novel screening assay allowing us to screen for drugs which can reverse cancer-induced T cell suppression.


Our cofounders are experts in immunology with over 80 publications and patents and over $2M in funded research.


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ME Therapeutics knows that collaboration is an essential part of innovation.  We welcome all opportunities to work together in the universal fight to conquer cancer.


ME Therapeutics believes that great things happen when great minds work together.  We are currently expanding our dedicated immuno-oncology research team and are looking for passionate and qualified team members.

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